BAPICO Smoothie with 3 Main Ingredients
Banana, Pineapple & Coconut

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BAPICO Smoothie with 3 Main Ingredients

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
2 cups Pineapple - Fresh or 3 large slices
3 tablespoons grated Coconut
3 medium-large Banana
3/4 cup Apple Juice
1.5 cups Ice Cubes
Instead of fresh, use Pineapple - Canned
Instead of grated coconut, use Coconut Milk
Instead of apple juice, use 1.5 small Apples

Nutritional information for BAPICO Smoothie with 3 Main Ingredients

Saturated Fat

The Bapico smoothie has a banana, coconut, and pineapple as the main ingredients. It is best to drink it before lunch or active sports. The Bapico smoothie has a lot of health benefits and is also great for weight-loss diets!

Did you Know?

Once pineapples are harvested, they just won’t ripen any further.

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Steps for BAPICO Smoothie with 3 Main Ingredients

4 Minutes

Prepare the fruits

Peel and chop the bananas into cubes. Then, peel the coconut and slice it to fit in the blender bowl.

3 Minutes

Mix, Mix, Mix

Reserve 1 Tablespoon of grated coconut. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until the mixture is thick.

1 Minute

Finish the Bapico Smoothie

Pour into mugs and garnish with remaining grated coconut. Add more ice if you like.

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A new generation of smoothie recipes is here. This Bapico smoothie with 3 main ingredients is one of the tastiest on the internet. The Bapico Smoothie is prepared with Banana, Pineapple, and Coconut + other secondary ingredients. Be amazed by its taste and make yourself a Godly drink!


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About the recipe

Bapico is a smoothie with an unmatched creaminess and aroma, it reminds me of summer and I find it perfect to drink on a Monday morning when you go to work and need something to lift your morale. Due to pineapple and banana, this smoothie has an unmatched sweetness, one you’ll never forget. I’ve added grated coconut to perfectly balance the taste and add an extra flavor. This smoothie is best to drink it before lunch, not breakfast.


Should I use canned or fresh pineapple?

As I am a fan of fresh fruits, I strongly recommend the fresh pineapple. It will give a greater taste, having more health benefits and vitamins. The fresh pineapple will give a smaller sweetness flavor and is a better combo for banana. But if you cannot find fresh pineapple, it’s ok to use canned one, but read carefully the sugar level.


What if I cannot find Coconut?

If you want to make Bapico Smoothie and cannot find grated coconut, a fluid variation is using coconut milk. The smoothie will be more fluid, therefore, do not add water, nor the apple juice. If you’ll use coconut milk instead of grated coconut, change the apple juice with one small fresh apple to add into the blender bowl.


Health Benefits of Bapico Smoothie

Like all my smoothies, this one also has a lot of health benefits. You’ll have a great intake of energy, vitamin B6 that regulates blood sugar, vitamin C, manganese, copper, thiamin, folate, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, iron, it helps you relax, is perfect as a natural antacid, increase the ability to focus and is rich in antioxidants. Besides these benefits, the banana improves digestive health, aid weight loss, supports heart health, contains powerful antioxidants, improve insulin sensitivity, and improve kidney health. And all of these health benefits from only one glass of Bapico smoothie!


Bapico weight-loss diet

The Bapico smoothie helps a lot when it comes to weight loss. In fact, all my recipes for smoothies that have a banana as the main ingredient are specially made for weight-loss. Banana who makes you think you’re full, and drinking this smoothie or other recipes I have posted before the lunch break, you’ll eat less and have more energy than usual meals.


What sports can I do after drinking Bapico Smoothie?

When it comes to sports, smoothies are the best choice for energy. However, the Bapico smoothie cannot help you if you do Yoga or other “standing-still” exercises (pilates for example). This great drink can be used to give you energy at jogging, football, baseball, or any other “running” exercises or sports. It has packed a lot of energy in so small containers.



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