Chinese Chicken Salad
Asian Weight-Loss Recipe

Chinese Chicken Salad

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Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
3 cups shredded Chicken Breast
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
6 cups shredded Napa Cabbage
1/2 pound Snow Peas stems snapped off and pods cut thinly
3 medium Green Onion
3 medium Mandarin 2 peeled and sectioned and 1 juiced
1/2 cup shredded Walnut Pieces toasted 1 minute in a dry frying pan
10 Wonton Wrappers into 1/3–inch strips
1/3 cup extra virgin Olive Oil
1 tablespoon Chinese Sesame Oil
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
2 tablespoons juice from 1 Mandarin
1/3 cup Rice Vinegar
1 teaspoon Kosher

Nutritional information

Saturated Fat

If you search for the tastiest salad of all, here it is. This Asian salad with Chicken is the best option if you want a healthy, tasty, and full of flavor food. Moreover, it will help you get slimmer if added to your meal plan.

Did you Know?

Eating chicken regularly can actually help you lose weight in a healthy way.


Steps for Chinese Chicken Salad

5 Minutes

Prepare the ingredients

Shred the chicken breasts, Nappa cabbage, and walnut pieces. Then, cut the wrappers into 1/3–inch strips and snap stems from snow peas and thinly cut the pods. Last, juice one of the mandarins.

24 Minutes

Prepare the chicken breasts

Place the chicken breasts in a small saucepan with about 1 inch of water. Cover, and over medium-high heat, bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low, and simmer until the chicken is opaque... about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the chicken and let it cool. With a fork and knife, pull cooked meat apart into shreds. Save chicken broth for another purpose.

4 Minutes

Prepare the wonton strips

Heat vegetable oil in the same saucepan and add a small amount of the wonton strips, cook until golden brown and crisp, about 10 seconds. With a slotted spoon, remove to paper towels to drain. Repeat with remaining strips.

5 Minutes

Mix the veggies and make the base of the salad

Combine shredded cabbage with the snow peas, green onions, mandarin orange sections, and walnuts in a large bowl to make the base of the salad. In a separate small bowl, add the walnut and sesame oil. Whisk in the soy sauce, the mandarin juice, and the rice vinegar. Add Kosher salt and whisk.

1 Minute

Complete salad with the poultry and strips

Add the shredded chicken, wonton strips, and dressing to the salad base. Toss and serve. Enjoy!

Additional Info for Chinese Chicken Salad


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Chinese chicken salad is one of my favorites when I am following a weight-loss diet, especially during summer days. This recipe is also great for your health, having great vitamins and minerals. It can also be prepared for vegetarians by adding 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger &  replace chicken with tofu cubes sautéed to a golden brown in Chinese sesame oil.

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About Chinese Chicken Salad recipe

Chinese Chicken Salad is an easy recipe both delicious and healthy. Say hello to a rainbow of crunchy veggies, chicken, and wonton wrappers sliced, tossed in a gingery dressing that will tickle your taste buds. Salad doesn’t always have to be a boring bag of lettuce from the grocery store. In fact, it doesn’t have to be lettuce at all. Cabbage makes a fabulous main ingredient. Why? It always stays crispy, it’s super affordable, and it’s amazing for health. 

This Chinese Chicken salad recipe is completely homemade, including the dressing, and no cooking is required. Making a big bowl of Chinese Chicken Salad for a party? Click and slide the number next to “servings” on the ingredients card to adjust how many servings you need. This Asian poultry salad is fresh and full of crunchy ingredients, sweet mandarin taste, and crisp cabbage. Of all my chicken salad recipes, this is at the top of my list.

The Chinese chicken salad is not only healthy, but it is also addicting and destined to become one of your favorite Asian salads of all time. It is a tantalizing combination of Napa cabbage, snow peas, carrots, bell peppers, mandarins, sliced almonds, wonton strips, and sesame seeds. It makes fabulous prep ahead/portable lunches, light dinners, or crowd-pleasing potluck sides. It stores beautifully, is clean-out-the-fridge customizable and is one of the tastiest salads I know.




Asian Weight-Loss Salad

Despite the Soy sauce in the dressing, this salad has a low-carb feature (a BIG bowl of it has only 9 grams of net carbs). This particular salad has become my everyday lunch (during summer days) when I am trying to lose weight, eating it with less guilt because I know exactly what is in the salad. It’s super light, crunchy, and doesn’t weigh you down. I love how healthy it is without losing any of the flavors. The trick is to add a variety of vegetables for texture and crunch and the dressing must be super flavorful and tangy. This is how you can get slimmer in an Asian way!




Health Benefits of Chinese Chicken Salad

When you see the word ‘salad’ you automatically think of it as a healthy dish! But that’s not always the case. Depending on what you put on your salad will determine how healthy it is. The healthiest salad would be one that’s loaded with green leafy vegetables, has a good amount of lean protein, and/or have fresh veggies or fruits like berries added to it. Most importantly, exclude the croutons and store-bought salad dressings. While you can add anything to Chinese Chicken Salad, don’t overdo it. This recipe is healthy as it is in my cookbook, therefore, it is better not to change much. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals along with proteins. 




Notes and Tips

  • Leftovers from a rotisserie chicken or last weekend’s grilled chicken breasts work great for this salad! However, if you’re making the chicken just for this dish, you can even use some of the dressing as a marinade before cooking to boost the flavor up even more.
  • Napa cabbage is lighter in texture (almost fluffy) than the regular cabbage. If you can’t find it, use Savoy cabbage, bok choy, or plain old green cabbage.
  • Wonton wrappers strips can be found in the salad dressing aisle near the croutons.



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