Quiche with Rocket and Parmesan
Vegetarian Recipe

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  • 48 Minutes
  • Serves 4
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  • 350°F
Quiche with Rocket and Parmesan

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
1 Sheet reduced-fat Shortcrust Pastry softened
1 cup Rocket Leaves
As much you want Parmesan Cheese grated
1 medium Onion diced
2 large Eggs
½ cup Skim Milk
You can also add (if desired)
1/4 cup Spinach
1/4 cup Gorgonzola Cheese
If you are not Vegetarian, add also
1 cup Bacon

Nutritional information for Quiche with Rocket and Parmesan

Saturated Fat

Simple, creamy, and with a great flavor, the vegetarian quiche is one of the most known tarts. It can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Did you Know?

Younger rocket leaves feature light green complexion, and appear identical to that of spinach without lobulation.

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  • You can also add (if desired)

  • If you are not Vegetarian, add also

Steps for Quiche with Rocket and Parmesan

25 Minutes

Prepare the shortcrust pastry

Pre-heat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease a pie dish and line with shortcrust pastry and prick it with a fork. Refrigerate for 10 minutes, then bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

4 Minutes

Prepare the rocket leaves and parmesan cheese

Meanwhile combine rocket leaves, grated Parmesan, diced onion and mix well. Spread over the pastry base after you baked it 10 minutes.

3 Minutes

Mix the eggs and skim milk

In a separate bowl whisk eggs and milk and pour over the rocket and parmesan mixture (after you've done step 3).

20 Minutes

Bake the Quiche

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden and crisp. Enjoy!

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When was the last time you tried Vegetarian Quiche with Rocket and Parmesan? I’m asking because I forget about this recipe and when I remember, I start preparing it directly. It is so simple, creamy, and offers great benefits. 

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About the recipe for Vegetarian Quiche with Rocket and Parmesan

Everyone loves quiche. It is easy to prepare, it looks good, it can be served as an entree or main course for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My recipe for Quiche is very simple considering that those who have adopted a vegetarian lifestyle can do it. You only need one reduced-fat shortcrust pastry (softened), Rocket leaves, grated Parmesan cheese, diced onion, eggs and skim milk. Also, this recipe can be made gluten-free by using a gluten-free pastry instead of the shortcrust pastry. If you do not want to use shortcrust pastry, you can make the dough at home. Dough without egg is extremely simple to make: In the 250 grams of flour add butter (which you previously allowed to reach room temperature), salt and mix the dough. As the dough forms, add 2-3 tablespoons of cold water. Then, until you prepare the filling, you can leave the dough for refrigeration.



Can I add more ingredients for this vegetarian Quiche?

Of course. The quiche is very versatile and can have a lot of ingredients if you wish to prepare with more filling. For example, you can add extra veggies like asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, dill, peas, leeks, or cherry tomatoes. You can also change the cheese filling and add or substitute with Parmigiano, mozzarella, goat cheese, gorgonzola, cheddar, or gouda.



I am not a vegetarian, what meat can I use in Quiche?

If you’re not a vegetarian and want to make it a pizza-like quiche, you can add bacon, ham, any poultry meat, beef, or sausage. Adding meat, you’ll change the taste dramatically (not worse or better, just changed taste) and the quiche will resemble pizza… The American one, not Italian as flavor.



Can I cook quiche ahead of time?

Not really I’ll say. For making it ahead of timeyou still need to bake it and then chill the quiche, then reheat it the next day or when you want to eat it. I also recommend cutting the quiche into wedges while it’s chilled because it’ll separate into slices more easily once you reheat it. Therefore, a better question is: can I refrigerate the quiche? And the answer would be: YES, you can! Cooked quiche can be refrigerated for up to three days.



How do you keep a quiche crust from getting soggy?

A good answer is already on the internet:

TheKitchn.com said: “Blind Bake. The most common way to ward off a soggy pie crust is by a process called blind baking. Blind baking means you pre-bake the crust (sometimes covered with parchment or foil and weighed down with pie weights to prevent the crust from bubbling up) so that it sets and crisps up before you add any wet filling”.



How long should quiche cool before cutting?

To serve your quiche warm, slice it after 10-15 minutes after taking out from the oven. The longer you let the quiche cool, the more your filling will set, and the cleaner your slices will be. If you want to serve at room temperature, let it cool for at least 50-60 minutes and then partition it.



What goes well with Vegetarian Quiche with Rocket and Parmesan

Serve with your favorite salad, but make sure to include a protein source and at least 3 different vegetables. Choosing the right salad will make the difference between very good and awesome!


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