Crazy Turkey Salad with Grapes & Mandarin
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Crazy Turkey Salad with Grapes & Mandarin

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
Mixed salad greens to line salad plates
10 ounces cooked Turkey it's ok also if using leftovers
11 ounce Mandarin Orange Segments 1 cup
8 ounce sliced Water Chestnuts 1 cup
2 medium Celery Stalk
1/4 teaspoon Ground Ginger
1 medium Green Onion
1 cup seedless green Grapes
6 ounce Peach Yogurt 1 container
6 ounce Orange Yogurt 1 container
6 ounce Lemon Yogurt 1 container

Nutritional information for Crazy Turkey Salad with Grapes & Mandarin

Saturated Fat

Turkey with fruit salad is one of the craziest experiences you'll ever taste. Trust me, you'll love it 100%. Moreover, it's a great idea to make it if you have leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner.

Did you Know?

The fruit salad was first made during the American Period, perhaps in the early 1900s.

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  • Mixed salad greens to line salad plates

  • OR

  • OR

Steps for Crazy Turkey Salad with Grapes & Mandarin

2 Minutes

Prepare the Turkey

Wash the salad greens, let drain and refrigerate. Cut the turkey into 1/2-inch pieces. Some pieces will be irregular in shape, but no worries.

4 Minutes

Prepare the fruits and veggies

Thinly slice the celery. Peel and cut the green onion into 1/8-inch slices. Drain the orange segments and water chestnuts in a strainer.

2 Hours

Mix them all

Mix the peach yogurt (or the orange / lemon yogurt - what tastes better for you is good) and ginger in the bowl. Stir in the turkey, celery, onion, mandarin orange segments, water chestnuts, and grapes. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours.

1 Minute

The Turkey with fruit and veggie salad is done

Arrange salad greens on 4 plates. Top greens with turkey with fruit and veggie salad.

Additional Info for Crazy Turkey Salad with Grapes & Mandarin


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The craziest turkey salad recipe is this one. Why is it crazy? I balanced the tastes of turkey, grapes, mandarin orange segments, and water chestnuts to have a perfect salad, and the blending of ingredients’ flavors made this dish one of a kind. I’m sure you’ll love it and will add it to your family dinner night meal plans.

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About the Crazy Turkey Salad Recipe

I love to prepare Turkey salad every time I have some leftovers after a great thanksgiving dinner with my family and friends. Just imagine the taste of the turkey meat, roasted (has the texture of chicken but with a stronger flavor), and the fruits’ combined flavors.

Most of us are reserved to try new tastes when it comes to poultry, and if you are one of these people, I assure you, by deciding to prepare this crazy turkey salad you’ll make the greatest decision ever. Depending on what you like the most, you can try one of the 3 different yogurt flavors: peach, orange, or lemon.

No matter which one you choose, the recipe is awesome and you’ll have a great dish waiting to be devoured. Moreover, this type of salad is very healthy and energizing, giving you the “wings” needed to have a great day.


Is turkey healthy or unhealthy?

Compared to chicken, turkey has fewer calories and less fat, and about the same amount of proteins. Authority Nutrition says this extra lean meat is full of B vitamins, including selenium, which supports a healthy immune system. To answer the question, turkey meat is very healthy and is used for weight-loss diets around the world.


Does turkey make you sleepy?

I am asked a lot if the turkey meat makes you sleepy because contains the amino acid tryptophan, known for forming the basis of brain chemicals that make people tired. To answer the question, this is just a myth, and turkey meat can be eaten without hesitation, giving you energy, not taking it!


What fruit goes best with turkey?

Besides the fruits used in this recipe, the turkey meat also goes well with apples, peaches, pears, pineapple, strawberries, and cranberries.


Why Turkey and not Chicken?

The turkey meat has no fat, contains a small amount of cholesterol, is healthy and recommended for children and the elderly, also recommended in different diets, low carbs, for diabetics, if you deal with stress, stomach diseases, rashes, rheumatism, and many other ailments. The turkey meat is cooked just like any other poultry meat, the difference is that it has no fat and has a specific taste, sweet and tender.

If you have a great chance to find turkeys directly at farms, you are lucky, those are wonderful and tasty! Every Thanksgiving, all the food magazines come up with new techniques for how to cook a perfect turkey. Cooking it doesn’t have to be difficult.


Is Turkey good for losing weight?

As I said above, turkey meat is even better than chicken if you want to lose weight, therefore is a good idea to keep it in your diet meal plan. Look for lean or extra-lean varieties of turkey


Notes and Tips

  1. Essential Equipment: large serving bowl.
  2. To save time, purchase cooked turkey or chicken at the deli counter of your favorite supermarket.
  3. Refrigerate after making the dish for up to 2 hours.



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