Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce 照り焼き豚ヒレ
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  • Serves 4
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Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce 照り焼き豚ヒレ

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
1 pound Pork Tenderloin
2 tablespoons Soy Sauce
1 clove Garlic
1 tablespoon Water
1 teaspoon packed brown Sugar
2 teaspoons juice from a Lemon
2 teaspoons Vegetable Oil
1/8 teaspoon ground Pepper
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Nutritional information for Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce 照り焼き豚ヒレ

Saturated Fat

For me, pork tenderloin with teriyaki or soy sauce is one of my favorites. If you didn't try this Japanese dish, I strongly recommend you to "taste the heaven"!

Did you Know?

Japanese food is prepared carefully using seasonal ingredients and flavors.


Steps for Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce 照り焼き豚ヒレ

3 Hours

Prepare and Mix Ingredients for Teriyaki Sauce

Peel and finely chop the garlic. To make a teriyaki marinade, mix the garlic, soy sauce, water, brown sugar, lemon juice, oil and pepper in a shallow glass or plastic dish. Add pork, and turn to coat with marinade. Cover and refrigerate, turning occasionally, at least 3 hours but no longer than 24 hours.

2 Minutes

Prepare the pork tenderloin

After the meat is marinated and 3 hours have passed, heat the oven to 425º. Spray the baking pan with cooking spray. Remove the pork tenderloin from the marinade. Place pork in the sprayed pan.

30 Minutes

Cook the Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin

Cook uncovered 27 to 30 minutes or until the meat thermometer inserted in the thickest part of pork reads 160º or pork is slightly pink when you cut into the center. Do not take out the tenderloin if the thermometer is under 160º. Cut pork crosswise into thin slices.

Additional Info for Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce 照り焼き豚ヒレ


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Did you ever cook Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce? If not, or even if you did, here is the greatest Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce Recipe. I balanced the flavors from ingredients to satisfy any food critic. Try it out!







About the Greatest Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki Sauce Recipe 照り焼き豚ヒレ

Similar to Pork Tenderloin with Soy Sauce, this recipe is with Teriyaki ( 照り焼き豚ヒレ ) because I wanted to perfectly balance the flavors. Regarding the ingredients, Pork Tenderloin seemed to be the best choice. If you do not like this part of meat from pig, you can choose anything else, but it will not have the same balance of taste.

With only a few ingredients that can be found in any kitchen, you can make this awesome dish without going to the store. You only need garlic, soy sauce, water-packed brown sugar, lemon juice, vegetable oil, ground pepper, pork tenderloin (1 whole), and cooking spray. We’ll prepare the Teriyaki sauce ourselves, without buying it.





At what temperature should pork tenderloin be cooked at?

Normally, the National Pork Board recommends cooking pork chops, roasts, and tenderloin to an internal temperature between 145° F. to 160° F., followed by a 3-minute rest. But for this, you’ll need a cooking thermometer. For Pork Tenderloin with Teriyaki or soy sauce, we’ll set the oven to 425º and then watch the thermometer until it reaches 160º. Don’t let it cook more.





Pork tenderloin is healthy?

If you’re looking for protein-rich meat for your diet, or if you simply want healthy meat, pork tenderloin is one of the best choices. It’s low-fat, high-protein and also is a great source of B vitamins and selenium. But make sure you cook it as I said above and everything will be just fine.

All B vitamins, such as B-12, cannot be found in plant-based foods, being essential for making red blood cells, synthesizing DNA, and keeping your nerves functioning properly. The pork Tenderloin has it and you can take advantage of this great dish. Moreover, the tenderloin is the healthiest part of the pig, see the chart below.

3-ounce meat



1. Pork tenderloin

61 mg


2. Pork top loin roast

69 mg


3. Pork boneless top loin chop

63 mg






The difference between pork loin and tenderloin

Pork meat cuttings
Pork meat cuttings

Pork loin is wide and thick, while pork tenderloin is long and narrow. Both are cut from the area of the larger loin muscle, which runs along the back of the pig. The Tenderloin (also called pork fillet) is the middle part of the rear end of loin (see the picture above) and is one of the most tender cuts of pork you can buy. Another difference stands in price. The loin is cheaper than tenderloin, and for a good reason.





Differences between soy sauce and teriyaki

Teriyaki sauce (has a sweeter flavor) utilizes soy sauce (salty) as a solid base but includes several other ingredients. Therefore Teriyaki cannot exist without soy sauce. Depending on the recipe, you need to decide yourself from the beginning of what you want to use, just like I decided that teriyaki sauce is better for this dish than soy sauce. But if you want to keep it simple, it’s ok to use only soy sauce. As I said above, the big difference between them is the flavor: Teriyaki is salty(30%)-sweet(70%), and Soy Sauce is salty(100%). 





What is the best side dish for this recipe?

For an impressive and quick dinner, try to make a simple side dish, tasty enough but with neutral (or close) flavor. You can serve with Mashed Potatoes or Glazed Carrots. Don’t make any complex side dish, a simple one is better and isn’t time-consuming.





Notes and Tips

  1. Essential Equipment: baking pans, such as an 8-inch square or 11 × 7-inch rectangle.
  2. For food safety, be sure to use a glass or plastic dish to marinate the pork. Acidic ingredients such as lemon juice can react with a metal pan, causing discoloration of the pan and an off-flavor.
  3. You also can use a tightly sealed plastic bag for marinating.
  4. To make this dish faster, buy the teriyaki sauce. In this recipe, we are making it ourselves.



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