Slow Cook Vegan Soup
Recipe for Weight-Loss Diets

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Slow Cook Vegan Soup

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
3 medium Carrots diced
3 medium Potatoes diced
2 chopped Celery Stalk
1 medium Onion
2 cups chopped Cabbage
2 cups Green Beans
2 medium Tomatoes
1/2 cups Barley
2 tablespoons Parsley - Dried
1 teaspoon Basil - Dried
2 tablespoons Liquid Aminos
1/2 cup Kernel Corn
To fill the crockpot use Water
1/4 teaspoon Salt or to taste
A lot of 💖 Love 💖
Instead of water, use Vegetable Broth

Nutritional information for Slow Cook Vegan Soup

Serving Size
Saturated Fat

Slow Cook Vegan Soup Recipe for Weight Loss is specially created to assist you with your diet, and achieve the desired silhouette!

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Soups are not categorized as food.

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Steps for Slow Cook Vegan Soup

5 Minutes

Place all ingredients in a crock-pot

Adjust the number of servings using +/- below the "Ingredients" title. Prepare a crockpot and place all the ingredients - diced - (carrots, potatoes, celery, onion, cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, barley, parsley, dried basil, liquid aminos, salt, and kernel corn). Add enough Water or Vegetable Broth to cover vegetables.

8 Hours

Start the slow cooker

Before starting, put some love :p ... Turn the heat to low and cook 7-8 hours or until tender. When finished, place in a bowl and serve hot. Enjoy!

Additional Info for Slow Cook Vegan Soup


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Vegan soup recipes are rare but wanted by a lot of people due to the weight-loss properties. This vegan soup recipe is written especially for those of you who want to lose weight and body fat. Eventually, you’ll have a great and healthy dish on your table!

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About the recipe for Slow Cook Vegan Soup for Weight Loss

If you are on a diet for weight loss with soups (not recommended to eat only soups for more than one week), consider this wonder dish a must-add in your meal plan. Searching a soup just for this reason is crystal clear you are determined to take action against body fat and reshape your silhouette. Most of us try to find the best meal plan for weight loss, but we are different, and what works for me doesn’t work for you.

However, there are some recipes with soups that can help a lot, being the exception to the rule. This vegan (slow-cooking) soup is the real thing when you want to achieve something called “fatless“. Before I noted down the recipe, my husband tried this soup for six days, eating it at lunch (or brunch, depending on your timetable) and had a great win. According to the scale, he lost almost 8 pounds! Moreover, this vegan soup has a great taste and can be prepared even if you are not on any diet.



Why slow-cooker soup instead of a quick one?

For a lot of reasons, of course. The slow-cooker method is the best method to cook for almost all points of view. The main reason is the fact that slow-cooked veggies don’t lose many nutrients as in the quick-cooking style. Why do you think Fast-Food food isn’t so great for your health? sais that slow cookers cook food at a low temperature for anywhere between 4-8 hours. Because of the lower temperature, the nutrients in the food remain more stable than other methods of cooking. By virtue of being in a sealed unit, whether using an electric slow cooker or in a casserole dish in your oven, any of the nutrients usually lost in the liquid from heat are simply reabsorbed into the meal. Cooking over a longer period of time also increased flavor and reduces the need for added seasoning or sauces. Instead, the richness comes from spices and herbs that leach their goodness and aroma into the food.



Why are vegan soups the best recipes for weight loss?

Due to the low-calorie and fat intake, vegan soups are the best choice you’ll find. Moreover, soups that have in their composition barley are truly made or invented for special diets! Barley is known for releasing energy very slowly, being great during the day for physical or mental work. Also, vegan soups (like this one) keep you energized all day long, giving you the power needed to overpass any milestone. You’ll feel lighter and will lose pounds in no time, but don’t over-exceed the maximum of 6 days I told you above!



Is eating soup every day bad for you?

Eating vegetable soup is healthy, therefore, highly recommended. A bowl of soup packs minimal calories but is very nutritious and gives you a lot of energy. If you eat soups every day isn’t bad for you unless you eat only these types of dishes! A weight-loss diet with soups is recommended only for a maximum of 6 days, not longer. Besides soups, include also some “dry meals,” and you’ll be more than fine.



Health Benefits

Health benefits and soups or stews are linked due to the low calories but with a multitude of nutrients and vitamins, thanks to the vegetables. If you cannot eat soup every day (but do not replace the dry food), eat a bowl at least twice a week.


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