Baked Red Snapper with Zesty Tomato Sauce
Vegetarian Recipe for Slimming Diet

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  • 34 Minutes
  • Serves 4
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  • 350º F
Baked Red Snapper with Zesty Tomato Sauce

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
For Fish
12 oz fillets of red Snapper Fish - Fresh or bass fillets
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
½ tsp Salt
¼ tsp ground black Pepper
For tomato sauce
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 medium Red Pepper rinsed and cut into ¼-inch sticks
1 medium Green Bell Pepper rinsed and cut into ¼-inch sticks
1 cup no-salt-added diced Canned Tomatoes
2 cups no-salt-added Tomato Sauce
1 Tablespoon Fresh Oregano rinsed, dried, and chopped
1 Tablespoon Basil - Fresh rinsed, dried, and chopped
1 Tablespoon Parsley - Fresh rinsed, dried, and chopped
Instead of Fresh Oregano, substitute with 1tbsp of dried Oregano
Instead of Fresh Basil, substitute with 1tbsp of Basil - Dried
Instead of Fresh Parsley, substitute with 1tbsp of Parsley - Dried

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Saturated Fat

Baked Red Snapper with Zesty Tomato Sauce is a Vegetarian recipe, used also for weight-loss diets and a healthy lifestyle. It is a traditional Mediterranean recipe.

Did you Know?

Red snappers have been severely overfished in the Gulf but are now on their way back.


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  • For tomato sauce

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Steps for Baked Red Snapper with Zesty Tomato Sauce

2 Minutes

Prepare the ingredients

Cut red Snapper into 4 portions, 3 oz each. Rinse it in cold water, and pat dry with paper towels. Rinse, dry, and chop the veggies and the fresh seasonings.

1 Minute

Coat the red Snapper

Preheat oven to 350 ºF. Coat each fillet with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

29 Minutes

Bake the red Snapper

Place fish fillets on a baking sheet, and bake for 25–30 minutes or until fish is white and flakes easily with a fork in the thickest part (to a minimum internal temperature of 145 °F). Continue with the zesty tomato sauce.

29 Minutes

Prepare the zesty Tomato Sauce

For sauce, heat olive oil in a medium-sized saucepan. Add bell peppers, and cook gently until they are still firm, but tender, about 3–5 minutes. Add tomatoes and tomato sauce, and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat and simmer for 10–15 minutes or until the tomatoes are soft. Add oregano, basil, and parsley, and simmer for an additional 2–3 minutes. Remove sauce from the heat and set aside.

1 Minute

Almost done

When the fish is done (see step 3), remove it from the oven. Serve each 3-ounce red Snapper fillet with 1 cup of sauce.

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Baked red Snapper with zesty tomato sauce is one of the best recipes for weight loss, being also a great dish for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, seafood is known for its great properties and minerals, and fish is an excellent substitute for any other meat type. This recipe ios also perfect for anyone who has adopted a Vegetarian Lifestyle.

Content on this recipe…



About Baked Red Snapper

When you are looking for a tasty weeknight dinner that will add some healthy and delicious fish to your slimming diet, then this baked red Snapper with zesty tomato sauce is precisely what you are looking for, and it is ready in just 40 minutes!

Red snapper is a favorite fish of many Caribbean islanders, thanks to the abundance of this fish in the area. This type of fish is prepared in many different ways, like grilled, baked, roasted, poached, or fried. No matter what method you choose, it is absolutely divine when the fish is well-seasoned.

Snapper comes in several varieties and can be found in the Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic water, and the Caribbean. Yellowtail and Red Snapper are the most commonly known options you might have seen at the fish market or on restaurant menus. Some suitable substitutes for red snapper in this dish, if you want to save some money or cant find snapper in season, include haddock, pollock, black cod, or striped bass.



Health Benefits

The American Heart Association recommends eating a variety of fish at least twice a week, and the red snapper recipe is an excellent choice for a healthy diet. While it is not as high in omega-3 fatty acids as others, it is a good source. 

Red snapper is a low-calorie, lean source of protein that is rich in selenium, vitamin A, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids. A diet that regularly incorporates these nutrients may significantly benefit your health by preventing serious medical conditions. Despite the potential health benefits, red snapper may contain mercury levels that make it unsafe to eat more than once a month or so. Mercury can be especially dangerous for pregnant women and young children.

However, it is safe for you to eat in moderation, as it can provide nutrients that can boost your overall diet and nutritional intake if done in moderation. Red snapper contains 0.31 grams of omega-3 fatty acids in each 100-gram serving. This concentration of omega-3 fatty acids is roughly equal to the amount provided by a 3-ounce serving of shrimp, catfish, crabs, or scallops. 



What goes well with Baked Red Snapper with Zesty Tomato Sauce?

It is delicious when served with Pesto Baked Polenta. With the veggies already provided in this sheet-pan dinner, you hardly need to add any sides. But, lemon rice or Greek potatoes would be a couple of good options. Personally, I’d focus on starting the meal with a couple of small appetizers like a tasty Baba Ganoush dip,  baked zucchini sticks, and a big bowl of three-bean salad. 



Notes and Tips

  • To test fish for doneness, insert a fork into the thickest part of a fillet. It should flake easily.
  • When you are choosing a fillet for your fishmongers, you want to make sure the fish is firm to the touch and doesn’t smell too “fishy.” Generally, if a fish is squishy to the touch and smells too much, means it isn’t fresh. You want the flesh of the fish to bounce back at your touch and have a pleasant clean smell. It is best to choose a snapper fillet with skin as it helps to hold the meat together, while it is cooking and delivers a great flavor too.
  • Higher heat is good for baking your fish fillets as it cooks them quickly and locks in moisture. You also want only subtle flavors to season your fish; you don’t want to overwhelm its delicate flavor.
  • Scoring the skin side of the fillet before putting it in the oven will help it stay flat and not curl up. It will also help your seasoning flavor the whole fish and not just the outside.


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