Orange Smoothie with Yogurt
Yoga Drink Recipe

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  • 1 Minute 30 Seconds
  • Serves 4
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Orange Smoothie with Yogurt

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
1 quart Vanilla Frozen Yogurt slightly softened
1/2 cup frozen concentrate Orange Juice thawed
1/4 cup Milk
Instead of yogurt, use Ice Cream
Use slices from Orange - Fresh

Nutritional information for Orange Smoothie with Yogurt

Saturated Fat

Orange Smoothie with Yogurt is a special recipe for Yoga exercises. It can also be prepared for any other weight-loss diet and can be drunk by children and older persons alike.

Did you Know?

The healthfulness of a smoothie depends on its ingredients and their proportions.


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Steps for Orange Smoothie with Yogurt

1 Minute

Put the ingredients in a Blender

Place the yogurt, orange juice concentrate and milk in a blender. Cover and blend on medium speed about 45 seconds, stopping blender occasionally to scrape sides, until thick and smooth.

30 Seconds

Finished The Orange Smoothie

Pour mixture into 4 glasses. Garnish with orange slices.

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Orange Smoothie with Yogurt is a recipe desired by any person in this world, no matter how young or old is. The orange smoothie is one of the best and simple drinks invented.

Content on this recipe…



About my recipe for Orange Smoothie

There’s no much to say about orange smoothies recipes because all are (almost) alike. It’s the same thing everywhere, and the only thing different is the number of grams used. Therefore, I hope my taste is like yours and you’ll like my special recipe for this smoothie. Hmm… what I have said!? For sure you’ll like it… Hell, you’ll love it!

I like to use yogurt with a vanilla taste because it goes well with orange taste. Moreover, I have added variations to let you decide what is best for your taste buds. Using ice cream instead of yogurt will make the orange smoothie more sugary. Another variation is to replace the frozen concentrate of Orange Juice with fresh orange juice, making it more healthy than the main recipe, but with more time spending.

Serve these special drinks in your prettiest clear glasses for a quick, freshly made dessert. You can also add a slice of orange on the glass to make a better design. Some people like to sprinkle shredded coconut on top.




The small History of Smoothie

The term “smoothie” has was known since the early 20th century, but from 1930 is used to describe a drink. Early smoothies were simply fruit and ice, and they were an obscure concept in the US until the natural food craze of the ’60s and ’70s. During these decades, health food stores popped up around the country, and these stores often made and sold blended fruit drinks. You can also read the evolution and varieties of smoothies if you’re interested.



Orange smoothie and YOGA exercises

A lot of Yoga instructors have their smoothie drank before their exercises. This habit formed along with the increasing interest in health and nutrition, and to achieve your best performances. If you want to prepare an orange smoothie before or after yoga exercises, it is better to use fresh orange juice instead of frozen concentrate.



Weight Loss is assured?

Fresh smoothies are ok in almost any weight-loss diet, but ask your nutritionist about the maximum sugar level allowed. For slimming purposes, citric smoothies are always better and recommended than any others. Be aware that solely smoothies do not help overall weight management… but you also need exercises to obtain the best results. Along with this smoothie, I recommend Yoga or special belly fat-burn exercises.



Notes and Tips

  1. Orange Smoothies do not replace a complex and balanced diet.
  2. Generally speaking, smoothies are healthy drinks and can be used for better performance during slimming exercises, and orange-based smoothies can have a better result for fat burn.
  3. Drink your orange smoothie 1-hour before yoga, and 20-30 minutes after. Do not drink it 5 mins before you start your exercises!


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