Vegetable Tray with Fat-Free Yogurt Dip
Recipe for Weight-Loss

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Vegetable Tray with Fat-Free Yogurt Dip

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
Yogurt Dip
1 cup fat-free Plain Yogurt
2 tablespoons Chili Sauce
1 teaspoon prepared Horseradish
Fresh Vegetables (slices or sticks)
1 Red Pepper
2 Broccoli Flowerets
3 small Carrots or baby carrots sliced lengthwise
1 Cauliflower
1 Celery Stalk
4 small Cherry Tomatoes
1 medium Cucumber
1/2 small Jicama
3 Snow or Snap Pea Pods
1 small Zucchini

Nutritional information for Vegetable Tray with Fat-Free Yogurt Dip

Saturated Fat

If you want to lose weight or just to have a healthy breakfast or brunch, go for this vegetable tray with yogurt dip. Simply amazing!

Did you Know?

The vegetable tray was used as "medicine" in 200 A.C.


  • Yogurt Dip

  • Fresh Vegetables (slices or sticks)

Steps for Vegetable Tray with Fat-Free Yogurt Dip

3 Minutes

Prepare the Yogurt Dip

Mix the yogurt, chili sauce and horseradish in a medium bowl. Cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour to blend flavors.

1 Minute

Prepare the Carrots

Cut carrots diagonally to make large slices that are easy to dip. That if you decide to use this kind of veggie (I recommend to use it).

1 Minutes

Prepare the pea pods

Snap off the stem end of the pea pods, and pull the string across to remove it. Make this step if you'll use this veggie.

4 Minutes

Prepare the vegetables tray

Arrange at least 5 different raw fresh vegetables on the serving plate. I always use 6 or 8 vegetables for better design and more health benefits. Serve with yogurt dip.

Additional Info for Vegetable Tray with Fat-Free Yogurt Dip


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This Vegetable Tray Recipe can be prepared if you are on a weight-loss, detox, or Vegetarian diet. This great vegetable tray can be used also as a side-dish, being one of the healthiest food preparations in the world.

What you’ll find..?




About Weight-Loss Vegetable Tray Recipe with Fat-Free Yogurt Dip

Being on a weight-loss diet, the recipes you can cook are drastically reduced. But this doesn’t mean the meal should be less tasty, it can be divine like any other. It’s a simple dish with raw ingredients, perfect for charging your body with healthy nutrients and vitamins. In the ingredient list for the vegetable tray with yogurt dip, you’ll find 13 veggies; you should select at least 5 of them.



Ingredient Vitamins for Vegetable Tray with Yogurt Dip – select at least 5 of them for recipe preparations

1. Bell pepper strips: vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, folate, molybdenum, vitamin E, fiber, pantothenic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin K, vitamin B1, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium.

2. Broccoli flowerets: vitamin K, vitamin C, chromium, folate, pantothenic acid, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin E, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B2, manganese, vitamin A, copper, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1, omega-3 fats, protein, zinc, iron, calcium, selenium, and vitamin B3.

3. Carrot: vitamin A, biotin, vitamin K, molybdenum, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B3, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, manganese, copper, folate, phosphorus, vitamin B2, and vitamin E.

4. Cauliflower: vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, choline, fiber, omega-3 fats, manganese, phosphorus, biotin, vitamin B2, protein, vitamin B1, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B3.

5. Celery: vitamin K, molybdenum, folate, potassium, pantothenic acid, vitamin B2, fiber, manganese, copper, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin A.

6. Cherry tomatoes: vitamin C, biotin, molybdenum, vitamin K, copper, manganese, potassium, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B3, phosphorus, vitamin B1, vitamin E, magnesium, chromium, iron, zinc, choline, pantothenic acid, and protein.

7. Cucumber: vitamin K, molybdenum, pantothenic acid, copper, phosphorus, vitamin C, biotin, vitamin B1, potassium, magnesium, and manganese.

8. Jicama: Fiber, Vitamin C, Folate, Iron,I Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and copper.

9. Snow (Chinese) pea pods: vitamin K, manganese, vitamin B1, copper, fiber, vitamin C, phosphorus, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, vitamin B2, molybdenum, zinc, protein, magnesium, iron, and choline.

10. Zucchini: Fiber, Vitamin A, Manganese, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin K, Folate, Copper, Phosphorus, Vitamin B6, Thiamine, iron, calcium, zinc, and B vitamins.

11. Yogurt: vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, and riboflavin.



Can I make a vegetable tray the day before?

The ingredients are raw vegetables, therefore, you can set up the vegetable tray with one or two days ahead, but not longer. However, the yogurt dip is better to prepare it the same day when you’ll serve the dish.



How do you cut the vegetables for a veggie tray?

The best way to cut the vegetables for a veggie tray is lengthwise, to make large slices to be easier to dip. Moreover, you can find already prepared vegetables for the tray, known as sticks.



Notes and Tips

  1. Essential Equipment: serving plate.
  2. Cut carrots diagonally to make large slices that are easy to dip.
  3. Snap off the stem end of a pea pod, and pull the string across the peapod to remove it.
  4. Taste the dip before serving it, and add another teaspoon of horseradish if you want a stronger flavor.
  5. You can purchase whole baby-cut carrots, broccoli flowerets, and cauliflowers cleaned and ready to eat in the produce section of the supermarket.



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