Tasty Pasta Salad for Weight-Loss Diet
Vegetarian Recipe

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Tasty Pasta Salad for Weight-Loss Diet

Recipe's Ingredients

Adjust Servings:
13 oz. Rotini Pasta
1/4 cup (fresh or frozen) Green Peas washed and rinsed
1 medium green Capsicum sliced
2 medium Green Onion sliced
3 oz. canned Tuna
1 tablespoon Mayonnaise or to taste
1/3 cup Feta Cheese cubes or grated
1/3 cup Ripe Olives
1.5 cup Cherry Tomatoes cut in half
You can also add...
1/4 cup Corn
1 tablespoon juice from a fresh Lemon
1 teaspoon Basil - Fresh

Nutritional information for Tasty Pasta Salad for Weight-Loss Diet

Saturated Fat

Just taste once this great vegetarian pasta salad and you'll be amazed about its flavor. It can be prepared with rotini or penne.

Did you Know?

Pasta, of course, is associated with Italy where they take it very seriously. But pasta salad is actually more American than Italian. Italians generally prefer their pasta hot and served as a separate course.


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Steps for Tasty Pasta Salad for Weight-Loss Diet

15 Minutes

Prepare the pasta and veggies

Cook pasta according to package instructions (remember to make it al-dente as per my "Directions above). Stir in the peas during the last 1-1/2 to 2 minutes of cooking. Transfer to a salad bowl. while the pasta is cooking, wash and rinse the veggies, slice the capsicum and green onion, cut in half the cherry tomatoes and cut the feta cheese into cubes or grated.

3 Minutes

Combine, combine combine

Drain and rinse the pasta, transfer to a salad bowl, and add the rest of the ingredients. Stir to combine. Enjoy!

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Pasta Salad is great for weight-loss diets if eaten responsibly. If you have one 7day-diet, include this pasta salad on day six or seven at dinner. I made this dinner last night for my whole family and they loved it, hope you’ll do too.

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About the vegetarian Pasta Salad recipe

The pasta salad is tasty, includes healthy ingredients and can be eaten for weight-loss purposes, but responsibly. My recipe contains Mayonnaise, but for a greater result regarding the weight-loss program, skip this ingredient. It can be prepared quickly, can be frozen or refrigerated for later use, and it is very tasty due to corn and peas flavor notes. Dressed simply with fresh lemon juice and Mayonnaise, this tasty, colorful pasta salad makes a delicious light lunch or side dish. You can also add grilled chicken, chunks of roasted turkey, shrimp scampi without wine, or grilled tofu. 




Prepare the pasta, al-dente style

  1. Pick a big pot for Pasta: Having a large pot gives pasta plenty of space. Do not crowd the pasta into a tight pot. Trust me, you’ll see below why.
  2. Fill the pot with water: Besides a big pot, you will need a lot of water too. Fill it with water, put it on fire and add salt. Do not just give a single tap of the salt shaker (give at least 5 taps)! This will give the pasta a flavor boost. Bring the water to a full boil.
  3. Put the pasta in the boiling water, preparing to make it al-dente: Put the pasta into the boiling water and mix, mix, mix! Depending on what pasta you bought, cook as directed on package. Continue stirring even if you’ll do your biceps workout in your kitchen. Using a slotted spoon (or your utensil of choice), fish out a single pasta, let it cool a bit(10 seconds), then take a bite. If it’s al-dente, then take out your pasta… if no, let the pot on the heater and try again in one minute.
  4. How to Know if the Pasta is Al-dente: Al-dente pasta will feel firm, not crunchy when you bite down with your front teeth. You can also break a piece of pasta in half and look at the cross-section, al-dente pasta is mostly cooked with a small core of uncooked pasta running through the middle.
  5. Drain the water. If the pasta is al-dente, place a colander in the kitchen sink and drain the water out. To make sure the pasta will remain unbound of each other, put them under cold water for 5 seconds. Getting the timing right will take some practice, but eventually, you’ll be preparing al dente pasta like a pro!




What pasta is best for this vegetarian salad?

Even if it is said by some that pasta has the same taste, this isn’t true. Besides the design, every type of pasta has a different flavor, look, and ingredients used. The best pasta used for this salad is Rotini or Penne, but you can also use Fusilli, Garganelli, Gemelli, or any other short type.



Can I freeze or refrigerate the vegetarian pasta salad?

The good news is that you can refrigerate the result but don’t add the tomatoes and onion. You can keep it in your refrigerator up to 2 days, but add the tomatoes and onion when you want to serve it. If you want to freeze it, do not add the veggies and mayo. The pasta can be frozen up to 1.5 months. Sincerely, I like my food to be fresh and not kept in the freezer or refrigerator, even if this means I’ll stay every day in my kitchen and cook.


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